The ImagiNation takes flight!


Dragons and dreams are elusive things alive in the hidden realm of our imaginations. Both have unknown origins and possess mysterious and fantastical qualities that, when unleashed, serve as powerful forces of inspiration. From slithering serpent to three-headed winged firedrake, each culture has its own interpretation of the mythological creature that perpetuates myths, legend, and lore throughout the ages. Their invisible footprints are stamped all over history. Some claimed to have unearthed evidence of the magical beasts that plundered kingdoms, hoarded treasure, brought luck, and even influenced the weather. However, the question remains: did dragons ever really exist or are …

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  • "I think this could have the potential to be this generation's answer to The Never Ending Story."

  • "A fascinating fantasy novel ... Reading this book felt very much like I was watching an episode of Avatar meets Indiana Jones in space."

  • "If you liked Harry Potter or any of the other now famous and popular fantasy books then you will love this book!" - lnsmit05 (Amazon verified review)

  • "This book would capture the imagination of upper elementary age through adult readers." - Janie (Amazon verified review)