Zhii (character description and sketch)

zhii thumbnail adventure fantasy chracter illustration

This marks the fourth post of a series of posts that introduces the characters in the adventure fantasy novel, ImagiNation Unveiled: The Hidden Realm.

Zenith is the pampered and arrogant future Impress of the ImagiNation. She prefers to be called Zhii. Isolated and protected from reality beyond the Crystal Castle, Zhii is only interested in one world – hers. Like her father did before her, Zhii studies martial arts and dragon riding in preparation for the day she rules the ImagiNation. Beautiful and strong, but emotionally immature, Zhii’s temper flares out of control often. Inspire, her pet peacock, is the only outsider allowed inside Zhii’s private world until deception and darkness creep across the ImagiNation. On the eve of her seventeenth birthday, Zhii’s royal duties trump her personal desires. Destiny dictates her royal flight on a secret mission when evil threatens the universe.

zhii character sketch


  • "I think this could have the potential to be this generation's answer to The Never Ending Story."

  • "A fascinating fantasy novel ... Reading this book felt very much like I was watching an episode of Avatar meets Indiana Jones in space."

  • "If you liked Harry Potter or any of the other now famous and popular fantasy books then you will love this book!" - lnsmit05 (Amazon verified review)

  • "This book would capture the imagination of upper elementary age through adult readers." - Janie (Amazon verified review)