Trevor Edwards (character description and sketch)

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This marks the third post of a series of posts that introduces the characters in the adventure fantasy novel, ImagiNation Unveiled: The Hidden Realm.

Non-stop all day, everyday, eight-year-old Trevor lives in the moment and leaves a trail of chaos in his wake. A natural explorer, he knows almost every inch of the woods behind his house. Bugs, frogs, insects, and rocks fill his pockets and find their way into unwelcome places in the Edwards’ home. When Trevor’s not playing baseball, soccer, or video games, he pranks his family and friends. A combination of extrovert, entrepreneur, and budding comedian with curly hair and freckles, Trevor is either looking for excitement or causing some of his own. When danger knocks at the Edwards household, Trevor’s antics set off a chain reaction of cosmic proportions.

Trevor Edwards sketch

  • "I think this could have the potential to be this generation's answer to The Never Ending Story."

  • "A fascinating fantasy novel ... Reading this book felt very much like I was watching an episode of Avatar meets Indiana Jones in space."

  • "If you liked Harry Potter or any of the other now famous and popular fantasy books then you will love this book!" - lnsmit05 (Amazon verified review)

  • "This book would capture the imagination of upper elementary age through adult readers." - Janie (Amazon verified review)