Happy Mother’s Day

These days, mothers are challenged with balancing their time between work and family more than ever before. Through it all, they remain the glue that holds families and societies together – and that is well worth celebrating.

Mothers make the sacrifices and experience the joys of bringing forth life

They protect, defend, and nourish without asking for anything in return.

Moms change the diapers, tote the baby stuff, stay up during the night to quiet the colic and patiently stand by until the fever breaks.

They feed, bathe, and rock the infant.

They heal the toddler’s booboos with a kiss and make tears disappear with a smile.

Moms calm the fears, listen, encourage, and chauffeur their children from here to there until they pass the driver’s test.

Then, mom sighs a secret sigh of relief every day their teenager makes it home safe.

They guide their teenagers through the peer pressure and beam at their graduation.

They cheer for in-numerous accomplishments, large and small.

In short, moms do whatever it takes to help their children survive, thrive, and prosper.

Most of all, mothers love us for who we are despite our shortcomings. We cherish their approval, their smile, their laugh, their hugs, and the wisdom they pass on.  They are not perfect, but their love is.

This Mother’s Day, I wish all the brave ladies who others call ‘Mom’ a virtual bouquet of roses, lilies, and gardenias laced with bunches of baby’s breath.

Mothers hold their children’s hand for a little while, but they hold their hearts forever.

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